Home is where the heart is!
Let us help you feel at home here with us in Oberland.



To ensure you, your new team member and their families settle in quickly in the new location, we are a locally based company here to support you with all our experience and regional knowledge.

You can rely on us from once you leave the airport terminal to handing over the keys. We will cater for any other needs and wishes to ensure a wonderful start in your new home in Munich and on the scenic northern edge of the Alps.

Focus on your new start! Let us take care of the rest.


Why do companies choose a professional relocation service


Companies who attract the best managers and specialists in the market put themselves in the best position to achieve top results. An attractive relocation package can be the deciding factor for an employee decision.


New employees should be free to concentrate on the task for which they are hired! The correct relocation service can be tailored individually so each new hire can be integrated in the new environment without disrupting daily business.


No job is finished until the paperwork is done! We are all very aware of the many formalities and visits to various local authorities which need to be attended to before a new employee can really get settled. There is no need for your regular staff to lose valuable time here.


Companies who offer a professional relocation package will inevitably benefit from the positive word-of-mouth through satisfied employees. This favourable image will definitely give a competitive advantage in future employee acquisition activities. There are clear advantages for companies to choose a relocation service. We are happy to offer this service to you as a local company on your doorstep.

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Renate Kohnen

I am the head of our relocation service company based in Holzkirchen. Together with my experienced and specialised team, we serve companies in the areas of Munich, Miesbach, Bad Tölz and Rosenheim.

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